The Sphile Holdings


We specialize in :


Corporate Buildings Construction, Maintenance, Renovations, Refurbishments, Road patches and potholes, Road markings, Paving and bollards, Palisade fencing, Roofing, Roofing, Tilling; floor vinyl, wall cladding and wall paint decorations.


Electrical wiring, Window fitting and tinting, Burglar gates, Demolition, Vinyl flooring and wall cladding


Paint designs and decorations on wall and floors


Sphile Holdings is one of the best in the Republic of South Africa and abroad in providing world class professional services in the construction, alternative energy, transport industry, general supply and creating employment.


Administration: To provide effective and efficient financial management, accounting and supply chain services.


Development: To provide opportunities and facilities for development and growth of its employees. Faith in employees' potential


Compliance: To comply with corporate governance standards in delivering services to our clients.


Social Commitment: To commit to the goals of the country and respond to social issues in communities where it operates


Communication: To enhance efficient and effective communication amongst all stakeholders.


Honesty and Integrity: Sound business practice and disassociating itself from all forms of corruption and unethical conducts.



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